Alleppey Boat Houses – Enjoy Backwater Tourism Like Never Before

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The definition of vacation & tour varies from person to person. Some people love travelling and sight-seeing; some love adventures and thrill, while some just want to enjoy a little bit but not exhaust themselves. Kerala offers almost every kind of holiday packages you can imagine. It is a one stop solution to take you away from your stress filled life to a much needed break!

However, there is one thing in Kerala which you should never miss while you are here. It is the majestic ride through the Alleppey backwaters in boat houses. No matter what your plans are in Kerala, a tour on the backwaters is highly recommended to anyone visiting this southern part of India.

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The Kerala backwaters comprises beautiful lagoons and lakes that lie parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea in the state. There are five major lakes which are linked by natural and man-made canals which cover almost half the length of the state itself. They have a very unique ecosystem because the freshwater from the rivers of the Western Ghats meet the seawater from the Arabian Sea in this region making the water brackish, thus making it the home to a variety of animal species. The plush greenery and the clean water not only provide to be a good habitat, but also a great sight to enjoy for the mankind. To enjoy the backwaters and to relax, people can take short trips on boat houses built for everybody.

The beautiful boat houses in Kerala are one of the major attractions of the state. You get different types of houseboats to choose from, varying in the facilities provided. The price of the ride is fixed depending on the facilities offered & the season. There are provisions for beautiful bedrooms, a luxurious dining and living room, amazingly cooked food in the modern, spacious kitchen by highly trained cooks and a deck balcony to watch the scenery and the sunset. Thus, it makes a perfect tour package for a variety of occasions:

  • Honeymoon trips
  • Family trips
  • Trip with friends
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Small Parties

There are different kinds of packages available to meet the budget of the tourists. There are budget packages, deluxe packages and also first class packages. All of them make sure that the clients are given the utmost care that they are comfortable at all times. Choose the right package and company and the whole experience will be very memorable. A memory that people can cherish for a lifetime. Some people have liked the trip so much that they come back to visit the place year after year.

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