Beach Destinations in Kerala for a Perfect Holiday Tour

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If you are looking for a Kerala holiday package, then you must consider the amazing beaches & incredible backwaters of this wonderful land. It is a state abundant in water, and is not only crisscrossed with rivers and water bodies, it is also situated right next to the Arabian Sea. Kerala has dozens of beaches, big and small, with many of them already highly popular among tourists. A visit to Kerala that takes you to all its glorious beaches is definitely one of the best ways to spend your vacation and also escape the crowd that one usually finds in Goa.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful and secluded beach where you will not be disturbed by crowds of people, or bustling beaches where you can seek a lot of adventure, Kerala offers beaches in both varieties. So find out which beach is right for you, and get the perfect Kerala holiday tour.

 1.      Kovalam Beach:

Kovalam is easily one of the most popular beaches in Kerala, and promises you a lot of adventure. Here you will find throngs of people, so you can join groups and take part in a lot of activities if you are a social person and make friend easy. Kovalam is not far from Trivandrum so getting here will never be a hassle. Just visit whenever you have some time, although the winter months offer a truly amazing experience.


 2.      Varkala Beach:

Striking scenery and amazing resorts on Varkala beach make it a truly amazing choice if you just want to chill out with your friends. A lot of shacks are open right on the beach, and you will get to have fun, get a few cocktails and enjoy amazing seafood while you relax on your vacation. Varkala will also give you a chance to find a hotel located on the cliffs, from where you get a striking view of the entire beach.


3.      Marari Beach:

Secluded and quiet, Marari beach is getting popular, but the low number of people here ensures that you will be left to yourself if you so desire. The best way to explore this place is by staying at the nearby Marari Beach resort where you will get access to luxurious accommodations and really have a great time.


4.      Bekal Beach:

Bekal is located in Northern Kerala, and you will need to drive from Mangalore to reach here. The distance is well worth the efforts, and you will be greeted by a stunning beach that lies mostly empty and has a bunch of luxury resorts where you will find amazing accommodations. There are backwaters close to the beach, thus only offering you yet another place to visit and explore while you are on your vacation.


5.      Cherai Beach:

Located on the Vypeen Island, the Cherai beach requires you to hitch a boat ride from Cochin and then go through a bunch of other travel modes before you finally get there. The secluded beach is pristine in its glory and will make you glad that you chose to visit it.


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