20 Most Beautiful Hill Stations In Kerala

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Beautiful hill stations kerala

There are two misconceptions about hill stations in Kerala. According to the first one, there are no hill stations in the state, and that all the Indian hill stations are only in the Northern states. The second misconception, although less misinformed, says that Munnar is the only hill station in our god’s own country. You will be surprised to find that Kerala has a number of hill station, which are located in the Western Ghats and offer an amazing getaway whenever you want to escape the heat and spend some time in the midst of nature.

1. Munnar

Munnar Hill Station

Munnar is obviously the most popular hill stations that the state of Kerala has, and sees thousands of visitors each month. The idyllic destination is immersed in nature, and has century old tea plantations that are popular among tourists. The Eravikulam Sanctuary is also close to Munnar, and can let you see endangered animals and rare birds in their natural habitat. Trekking enthusiast, love Munnar for the amazing opportunities to explore nature that the hill station offers.

2. Mattupetty

Mattupetty hill station

Mattupetty is close to Munnar and can be conveniently reached after you have spent some time in Munnar. This famous Kerala hill station is not only abundant in greenery, but is also close to the hydel power project in the region where you can spend the day and just gaze over the beautiful water reservoir and take in the beautiful scenery.

3. Idukki

Idukki Hill Station and Dam

This remote little hill station is for those who seek an adventure and want to visit places which are not mainstream. Here you will get to observe and interact with tribal people who live in their own little world, and have unique customs that are a delight to witness. Wander around a little and you will discover spice plantations, and top wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that will give you plenty to explore

4. Vagamon

vagamon hill station

Make way from Idukki to Wagamon, which is just 65 kms away and you will discover another paradise for hikers and trekkers. The greenery and the height ensure that you are able to have a pleasant time here and let the nature lover within you wander. You will be surrounded by forested area and will also occasionally run into tea plantations which are so common in the Western Ghats.

5. Wayanad

wayanad churam

Wayanad is another beautiful hill station in Kerala that sees a fair amount of tourist activity. Tea and coffee plantations can be found here as well, and the cloud covered mountains are simply breathtaking to behold when you wake up and step out of your hotel room. If you want to explore the biodiversity of Kerala, the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary here will allow you to do just that and is a great way to detox yourself and get some clean air. Also Wayanad is one of the top honeymoon destination in Kerala.

6. Thekkady

Thekkady hill stationImage Source

We have already mentioned Idukki and its beauty, but there is still another hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala that is mesmerizing and welcoming. It is none other than Thekkady. The place is famous for the wilderness that it contains and also, it is one of the spots in Kerala where a number of Malayalam movies have been visualized. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary located inside Thekkady is another highlight of the place and is the home to elephants. If you love trekking, then Thekkady and Kurisumala are waiting you. Pandikuzhi, Vandiperiyar, Ramakalmedu, and Mangala Devi Temple are the other attractions in Thekkady and are worth a visit.

7. Lakkidi:

lakkidi hill stationImage Source

Looking for a weekend escape? Lakkidi is the perfect hill station that you need to rejuvenate your senses, soul, mind and body. Lakkidi located in the Wayanad district of Kerala is very beautiful with its green sprawling mountains and a chain of tranquil beauty that lies embedded in these mountains.

If it is a weekend escape you need not think much you can explore the entire place on your foot. The climate and the beauty all combined gives any nature lovers a sumptuous treat.

8. Peermedu

Peermade Hill StationImage Source

This small hill station was named after Sufi saint Peer Mohammed. Any nature lover’s paradise, Peermedu is a less known hill station in Kerala which is very beautiful. If you love exploring the wilderness of forests, then Peermedu is the perfect place. The expanse of greenery, tea, spice and coffee plantations are worth visiting. Threeshanku Hills, Kuttikkanam, Peeru Hills and Grampi are the attractions in Peermedu. The place is known for its tribal inhabitance; take some time to explore the unexplored lifestyle of the tribes in Kerala.

9. Gavi

gavi hill stationImage Source

Gavi is nature’s gift to the State of Kerala. Also, it is one of the lesser known and the least explored tourist places in Kerala. This perfect holiday destination located in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala attracts wildlife passionate and nature lovers. Some of the major attractions in Gavi include bird watching, trekking, camping, safari, wildlife exploration, and also boating in Gavi lakes and Kochupampa. Gavi is one of those destinations where you can head to during the summer vacations as it is too cold and gives you a chill in the scorching heat of the sun.

10.  Malampuzha

Malambuzha hill stationImage Source

Malampuzha is a beautiful hill station located in the Palakkad district of Kerala. If you are planning for a great holiday with your family then, Malampuzha is the place that you must be visiting. It has a lot of exciting surprises to amuse you and your family starting from the ropeway to the fish-shaped aquarium, amusement parks to the rock gardens that you can find only embedded in the hill stations of Malampuzha. The rock gardens built by Padmasree Nek Chand Saini and the sculpture of the Yakshi are some of the attractions that cannot be missed out.

11. Vythiri

vythiri hill stationImage Source

Vythiri is one of the most popular hill stations in Kerala and well-known for its scenic beauty that brings in people from all over to Wayanad. The green carpets that cover the hill stations and the cascading flow of the Kabini River is a beautiful holiday destination that you have been searching for always. Boating, rafting, trekking, and angling activities are the attractions of Vythiri. The Edakkal Caves that belongs to the Neolithic age and the temples are the attractions in Wayanad.

12. Ponmudi

ponmudi hill stationImage Source

Ponmudi one of the most picturesque hill in Kerala is located at a distance of 61 kms from Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. This beautiful hill station in Kerala is overflowing with ravines, mountains, rivers, forests and the pleasantness of the climate makes the place more beautiful. Agasthyarkoodam is one of the highest peaks in Trivandrum and the major interesting activities include trekking, hiking and nature exploration. The sprawling tea gardens, the Meenmutti Waterfalls, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Golden Valley and Deer Park are some of the major attractions in Ponmudi and it is one of the beautiful location for your honeymoon tours to Kerala.

 13. Charalkunnu

Charalkunnu Hill stationImage Source

The place is one among the least known Kerala hill station. Not even all the people in the Pathanamthitta district where it is located are unaware of such a hill station located in here. This small scenic town gives you a glimpse of the neighboring valleys. The beauty of the holy Pampa River and the greenery sprawling across the hill stations is something that no nature lover would want to miss. If you are passionate about trekking and cycling, then, this is the place you need to be in. Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls and Kumbhavuruthy Falls are the coolest attractions in Charalkunu.

14. Kalpetta

Kalpetta hill stationImage Source

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of Kalpetta that is located in Wayanad. This beautiful and scenic town is blessed with the love of coffee plantations and towards the outskirts of the town there lies immense natural beauty and wilderness to attract travelers like you. The Chembra Peak, Pookode Lake, and the Wayanad Ghat Road View Point are some of the major attractions in Kalpetta.

15. Athirapally

Athirappilly hill stationImage Source

Athirapally is another piece of beauty that cannot go unnoticed. Often, Athirapally is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Kerala compared to the world famous Niagara Waterfalls. Athiraapally is most beautiful during the month of monsoon in Kerala. Some of the blockbuster hits like Bahubali and Dil Se have been shot here in Athirapally. So, it’s a must visit at least once in a lifetime. If you love photography do not forget to carry your camera when you go to Athirapally.

16. Ayyampuzha

Ayyambuzha hill stationImage Source

The serene beauty of this awesome place is where you can explore and enjoy the adventure of a hill station. This least known destination is located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. It is blanketed with lush greenery and brooked dots that makes it more attractive. If you love trekking you can follow the beautiful trail from the Chelikandam forest that leads to Ayyampuzha. If you love bird watching then, this is the place you must be visiting.

17. Ranipuram

Ranipuram hill stationImage Source

This beautiful hill station is one of the ecotourism destinations in Kerala that have been attracting tourists from far and wide for the beauty that it exhibits. The avifauna, the wildlife and the evergreen forests and Ranipuam located in the Kasargod district of Kerala is also famous for wildlife, bird watching and trekking. You can enjoy jeep safaris and catch glimpses of elephants in this area occasionally.

18. Malakkappara

Malakkappara Hill StationImage Source

Also, known as the Tea Garden Hill Station, Malakkappara has been attracting tourists from all over the world for a long time. This hill station in Kerala comprises of small streams and scenic natural spots.

19. Vithura

vithura hill station

Vithura, a small village is one of those beautiful hill stations that are less known and least explored. Bonacaud, Peppara Dam, Agastyakoodam and Ponmudi are located in close proximity to Vithura. You can take a stroll across the rubber estates and local Kalaris which are the attractions in this place.

20. Thiruvambadi

thiruvambadi hill station

Thiruvambadi is famous because it is one of the picturesque hill stations located in the Kozhikode district of Kerala. This hill station located near the banks of the Iruvanjippuzha River, that boasts the famous love story of Kanchanamala and Moideen is beautiful with the gorgeousness of valleys, rivers and mountains.


So, now you know where you are visiting this holiday!

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20 Most Beautiful Hill Stations In Kerala
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