Top 10 Beautiful Waterfalls In Kerala

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beautiful waterfalls in kerala

Kerala, popularly known as the God’s own country, is also popular for the lakes and waterfalls. The ambience is tranquil and serene in nature has blessed the place in bounty. Thousands of people flock to Kerala for the very reason of the waterfalls. Longing to make a trip to Kerala, so that you can spend happy hours watching and playing in the waterfalls? Here is the list of top 10 beautiful waterfalls in Kerala.

1.  Athirappilly Waterfalls

Everybody who wants to visit Kerala for the waterfalls certainly has this falls on their bucket list. Features in many movies, this waterfall allures thousands of tourists every year. A conspicuous retreat from Cochin, and Western Ghats offering the picturesque drive this falls is popular across the world, and in fact, considered one of the must see places. This waterfall is located 47 Km from Thrissur, 78 KM from Cochin, joins the Chalakkudy river, after it falls through the Sholayar forest. It falls from the great height of 80 feet and offers a breathtaking site to the tourists. Moreover Athirapilly is one of the perfect location for your honeymoon tours to Kerala.

Athirappilly Waterfalls

2.  Palaruvi

Literally meaning the stream of milk, this waterfall is located in the Kollam district of Kerala. This spectacular waterfall is the 40th highest one in India, and offers an experience that takes one of awe. The water has the hue of misty white, which resembles milk, and this is why it gets its name.

Palaruvi waterfalls

3. Thommankuthu

Located near Thodupuzha, this waterfall is definitely different from the rest because it has 7 steps. You would be definitely enjoying the waterfalls because you can see the each step of the waterfall is succeeded by the pond. Not only the falls, the flora and fauna make this place a must visit. The caves and the lush green forest make this perfect for adventure Kerala tourism

Thommankuthu waterfall

4.  Nyayamakkad Waterfalls

10 KM from Munnar, this breathtaking waterfall comes from the height of 1600 meters. This waterfall is a famous picnic spot because you can trek to the hillock to get the amazing sight of the valley of Munnar. You can see the plantations spreading over as a green carpet, and the tea pickers working on its offer a magnificent view.

Nyayamakkad Waterfalls

5.  Dhoni Waterfalls

A combo of trekking and the waterfalls attract lots of tourists every year, and walking through the reserve forests, and the opportunity to explore the hilly terrains, the visit to the Vishwanatha Swami shrine, are other attractions apart from the waterfalls. The annual chariot festival is a Gala event.

dhoni waterfalls

6.  Soochipara Falls

This waterfall is in Wayanad, and you need to trek for 2 KM to reach the waterfall. You need not wait to see the beauty of the falls until you reach it, but can get the beautiful even at a distance. Walking through the steep rocks with your loved ones, friends, or even in solitude are a blissful experience.

Soochipara Waterfalls

7.  Thusharagiri Forest

The term Thusharagiri means snowy peaks or the mountains that are capped with snow. It offers the view of the snow melting down from the heights of the hills. For those who are fit, a 5 KM trek can let you get the stunning view of the origin of the waterfall.

thusharagiri waterfalls

8. Meenmutty Waterfalls

This is a gorgeous waterfall,  which is located in Wayanad, and it takes 2 KM trek to reach the waterfall. You would never imagine that there are these many shades of green, and enjoy the lush green forests and valleys. The best thing about the waters here is that they never hide the essence of the sun, but capture it and let it flow through the caves.

Meenmutty waterfall

9.  Perunthenaruvi Falls

The name means large honey stream, and this falls is located in the Pathanamthitta District of Kerala. This is located in the Sahayadri range.

Perunthenaruvi waterfall

10. Mulamkuzhi Waterfalls

Want a captivating sight? Then you need to venture to the Ernakulam district to see the Mulamkuzhi falls, which flows through the mountains and gets bigger when it comes to the picturesque location of Malayattoor.

Mulamkuzhi waterfalls

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Top 10 Beautiful Waterfalls In Kerala
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