Houseboats in Kerala

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Gods own country, Kerala is the south western state in India spreading over 38,863 square kilometers of nature’s awesomeness. The varied demographics of Kerala made it one of the popular tourist destinations in India. Kerala is included in National Geographic’s traveller magazine as one of the “Ten paradises of the world”. Kerala is famous for its beaches, backwaters, mountain ranges, and wildlife sanctuaries; which are the major attractions of both domestic and international tourists. Houseboats in Kerala also gives tourists a magical experience during their Kerala Holidays. Kerala Government launched Tourism Development Corporation in order to enhance tourism marketing campaigns. Today, Kerala tourism is a Global brand branded with the catchy tagline Kerala, God’s own country.

Kerala Houseboat (Kettuvallam)

Kerala houseboats, historically called kettuvallams are widely used for promoting tourism in kerala. According to malayalam language “kettu” means “to tie” and “vallam” means boat, the two words blends and was locally called as “Kettuvallam”. ettuvallams are constructed using ancient techniques of boat building. Coir ropes are widely used for tying the wooden planks together.

How Houseboats in Kerala are Constructed

Houseboats in Kerala is about 67 feet high with a width of 13 feet. The major materials used for construction of are gathered from local and eco-friendly resources. This includes bamboo poles, coconut fiber, ropes, carpets, bamboo mats and more. The main wood used in the construction of Kerala houseboats is Anjili. Houseboats are built from fully furnished single roomed to double and triple rooms. The houseboat hull is made of wooden planks, finely cut and carved and tied with coir fibers. It is a wonder that not even a single will be used while holding the jack-wood planks, instead of nails the carpenters use coir knots.

The Kerala houseboat frameworks are coated with caustic lack resin which are extracted from boiled cashew kernels. This enhances the life of houseboats. Kettuvallams are then motorized and made fit to steer in deep waters in shallow areas, long bamboo poles are used to propel in shallow areas. Bamboo is used for the houseboat roof framework, and splits of bamboo are used for weaving mat for roofing.

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According to Kerala history, Kettuvallams were originally designed to design cargo back in those days. But now, the design has changed to adapt Kettuvallam as a tourist vehicle. So in modern designs, changes were made in roof designs by increasing height to get sufficient headroom. More planks were also used for the ease of comfortable seating. Windows and other openings were provided for light, airflow and view.

Now, Kerala has more than 900 houseboats ply the backwaters around various routes. Alleppey district is the citadel of houseboats in Kerala. The Kerala houseboats designed for tourism assures tourists comforts of a hotel providing well furnished bedrooms, comfy living rooms and fresh nadan food (cooked in kuttanad style). These features ensure tourists comfort and a holistic experience. At ToursToKerala, you have a wide range of Kerala houseboat to select from and make your holidays memorable. Also check out our Alleppey houseboat packages.

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