Benefits of Monsoon Ayurveda Treatments in Kerala

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ayurveda treatments keralaWhat does ‘Ayurveda’ literally mean? It literally means ‘science of life’. Various research studies clearly suggest that it is the oldest healing science in existence and the primary emphasis of this healing system is on maintaining optimal physical and mental health. Other treatments always focus on methodologies for managing and curing illnesses and diseases while Ayurveda is holistic in nature and it entails a whole approach to living. Ayurveda treatments in Kerala have become a hot topic of discussion among a large number of people all around the world and many people have been making use of Kerala Ayurveda treatments to enjoy the unlimited benefits involved with them.

Why Ayurveda is recommended during monsoons?

It is well known fact monsoons are very romantic in nature. At the same time; this season can be described as a harbinger of a wide range of diseases and health complications. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, monsoon season aggravates the functional energy known as “Pitta’ in the human body and you become highly vulnerable to health problems like skin infections, arthritis, asthma, gastric problems, sinusitis, diarrhea, indigestion and many more. The monsoon season also drains out the critical fluid of your system known as “Ojas” and such a situation leads to breathlessness and weakness as well. These physical discomforts also affect your mental health in an adverse manner. In such a situation, the holistic method of approach employed by Ayurveda is the best option available and it eliminates all these complexities in the best possible manner to maintain your physical and mental health at an optimal level.

Learn about different types of Kerala Ayurvedic treatments during monsoon

You can find a wide range of Kerala Ayurveda packages and they include Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Swedanam, Virechana and many more.


It can be described as a therapeutic practice in which herbal oil is poured all over your body in a uniform rhythmic way and gentle massages are performed for 60 to 90 minutes. This treatment can last between seven to twenty one days and this procedure reduces dryness and fatigue with utmost efficiency. You can take this treatment for problems like arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness and other types of neurological disorders as well.


What is the base of a plant? Everybody knows that root forms the base of a plant. According to Ayurveda, head is the root of the human body and Shirodhara follows the practice of pouring medicated oil, medicated butter milk or herbal extract on the upper part of the forehead and gentle massages are being applied over the scalp to stimulate the pineal gland that produces hormones called melatonin and serotonin. Scientific studies have shown that these hormones play a vital role in maintaining the emotional balance of an individual and this treatment eliminates problems like stress, constant headache, disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety, depression and insomnia as well.


It can be described as an Ayurvedic massage treatment using medicated oil on a daily basis and it increases the blood circulation in the best manner. The major benefits of this treatment are reduced inflammation, removal of toxic accumulation, cellular regeneration, sound sleep, effective immuno-modulation and, you can also address problems like rheumatic complaints, spondylosis, back pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulders, stiffness of joints and many more.


It is a herbal steaming therapy that revitalizes your skin and the herbal mixtures are prepared using top quality herbs and medicated powder. This perspiration process detoxifies your body by removing the dangerous toxins and it reduces excess fat and relieves body stiffness as well.


This treatment consists of three phases and they include Purva Karma (Pre-procedure), Pradhana Karma (Main procedure) and Pashyat Karma (Post procedure). You can choose this treatment to find solutions for health problems like jaundice, constipation, diabetes, headache, asthma, anemia, eye disorders, liver disorders, skin discoloration, abdominal problems and many more.

Other Popular Ayurveda Treatments Kerala

Other major Ayurvedic procedures include Elakizhi, Njavara Kizhi (Pinda Swedam), Sirovasti, Nasya, Karnapooranam and Greeva vasti and, all these options employ a holistic method of approach to offer optimal mental and physical health benefits. You can also come across different types of fully customized packages that go in complete harmony with your exclusive requirements and budget.


Panchakarma (a group of pentad therapies) can be described as the fundamental tools in Ayurveda to restore balance to your body and the most suitable option is selected on the basis of your physical condition, age, psychological factors and other requirements. It can be said without an iota of doubt that Ayurveda treatments in Kerala are the best option available to rejuvenate your body and mind during the monsoon season and they detoxify your body in the best possible manner to eliminate a wide range of diseases and health complications.

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